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R-44 Ferry Flight $225 an hour

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It is AWESOME!!! Where else are you going to find dual insturction in a 44 for $225 an hour. Most flight schools charge $250 and up for dual in a 22. Most new pilots need the time whether its doing manuvers or straight and level flight! You dont like it, you can keep paying $500-$600 an hour for dual instruction in a 44 at you local flight school!


Its all about getting as many hours for as cheap as possible when you are trying to build time! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!

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It's the fact that an aircraft "needs" to be ferried. Not whether or not you're providing a service. It sounds like you "need" a service done and you're willing to let someone pay to do it.


When does a ferry flight not need to be done? Is that not always the purpose of a "ferry" flight?


I am not validating the charges to get flight time here! I am saying that most flights "need" to be done or have a mission intent which includes ferry flights.

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Let's think of this another way. You have some free time and some money to burn (Not that I do) why not spend a week or two flying across the USA. So you spend 4 grand, you see great landscape, and get to fly a helicopter. Nothing is free in this world, he offsets the cost of the relocation and you get a great vacation.

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