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Conditional Release

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ok I just resubmitted my conditional release and my CoC is already questioning why im doing it so early yadda yadda so heres the run down of my dilema. I origionally tried to route my DD368 in november and they wouldnt give me it do to the fact if i was selected it would cause a few month gap billet and effect manning even though the Navy has been cutting people out left and right. So from the info I have gathered once you get selected you get a letter of appointment 90 days from selection. how long is it from that point until you get a report date to rucker? and how does the conditional release work once you get a appointment letter, do you seperate from your current branch immediately or closer to the report date? I have tried calling USAREC but no one picks up half the time or a warrant officer isnt in the office at the moment. I am trying to put in for the May board and my end of service is in december and i want to cut down the overlap as much as possible I mean I cant afford to not work for 6 months, which is basically what my CoC wants me to do. they keep asking if I can jus apply when I am at my EAOS which there arent board dates at the end of the year normally anyway. Sorry this post has gotten so long but I am just trying to get concrete info to give my chain that they wont be losing me early really or creating a gap billet which in my mind shouldnt be a factor anyway since all I am trying to do is advance my career. any help is much appreciated guys!!

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If your ETS date is with in 6 months of selection you apply via the civilian process and they will accept you into the Army the day after you separate. That's the problem I ran into when I got pushed through the civilian side since my ETS was in 2016.

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