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Cheap logbook crap


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Ok, So back in 2010 I bought a new ASA-SP-6 "Standard Pilot Master Log" because I had filled my then old logbook totally in. I bought the SP-6 because it didn't have any fixed-wing stuff in it and all Columns for Category, Class, and others were blank. It was awesome! Plenty of extra columns to put stuff in. I'm getting close to filling that one now and so I bought a new one. What a load of cheap crap! Cover is crap cardboard, binding already is pulling away (and I just opened the box it came in), and worst of all.... ALL THE COLUMNS ARE CHANGED, it's terrible, there are a S#!tload of useless columns now and fixed-wing standard ones and pretty much no blank one.


So upon closer inspection I noticed it now say's "Printed in China" instead of Canada like the old one.


My question is... Can someone please find me a supply of the old style ones made in Canada? I'd be willing to pay a little extra and purchase a couple of them so I have more in the future.


ISBN of the old awesome one: 1-56027-327-5


ISBN of the crap one: 1-56027-889-7


Thanks guys,

You can PM me if you find a good source or perhaps look through your local flight schools or FBO's supply and we can work out a purchase deal so you can send me some... Thanks!

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I started a new logbook last year (previous one was about 12 years getting filled up). It's the Jepp Professional. It's not really fixed wing columns, but columns that are appropriate for 14 CFR 61.51: the regulation governing logbooks.


If there are columns that aren't useful for me, I fill them with something else. There are blank columns, too. I don't log cross country, so I put something else there. When I'm flying a particular piece of equipment for a time, I dedicate one column to time in type, as a way to track recent and total experience in make and model for insurance, and other reasons. I keep track of ag or fire or utility work in a column, but only when I'm doing that work. When I'm not, I discontinue the column and put something else there. When I go back to doing that kind of work again, it's a simple matter of looking back to see where I left off, then picking up again.


I've used the Jepp and Sporty's logs...they've each held up for more than 10 years of abuse each time I've filled one up. An observation might be that unless you're doing a lot of flying, smaller logbooks may be in order. I don't cart mine around with me (they live under the bed in a fireproof safe), but they still get abused over the course of a decade. Smaller logs fill up faster, meaning they can be set aside before they take too much abuse, and you can move on to another.


What's actually in the columns as they come printed from the manufacturer is irrelevant. A touch of white-out or a simple line-through, and you've got a new, blank column that can be anything you want.

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It's hard to glue an old medical or business card in the back, though.


I've gained the interest of employers in the past simply by producing my logbooks. I've sat silent while they thumbed through the pages, read the entries, looked at the pictures.


One just doesn't get that out of an electronic log.

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I recently went electronic-just a simple spreadsheet that gets backed up through iCloud. I was wondering what others do (who are also doing the electronic logbook) when it comes to endorsements/re currency signatures that would normally be put in the hard copy. Is it now just a slip of paper that we file away? I fly privately, but I still do re-currency training. I'm just wondering as well, for those with electronic log books, should (heaven forbid) something happen to us, how would investigators recover our log book info. In this day and age with passwords and other sorts of protection, would they be able to establish that you were current etc? Sorry to the original poster for hi-jacking the thread. Cheers, Matt

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One of our CFIs developed and produces this book, he's sold a TON of them, even to the Air Force. We all use them. Most of us have our names on the front, pretty cool and easy to figure out who's is who's. (Kev, it's BP).




I got one of these for Christmas and love it.


I have an electronic book too, but I can't use it when I'm in the field so I like having an actual log book to write in.

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Yeah, my company uses an electronic logbook, and I have one personally also... I just like to have a paper one as well that I can actually put pen to page and flip back through over time, and call me old school but I like them all to look the same. I think it's more professional looking than having 10 logbooks that all look different. Anyway I don't even really care where it was made China vs. Canada or anything like that, it's more that they changed the whole overall design of it. (I know, I know, who moved my cheese right?) :wacko:


Dennis, I actually have purchased one of Bp's designed ones and I ended up giving it to a student before I used it cause he loved it so much. I also convinced our bookstore to start carrying them. We have like 20 in stock. :)

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