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Hey everyone,


I have completed my packet for March, however, as of today I have come to a bit of a concerning subject; the essay requirements.


I was directed by my recruiter to type a one page essay and have a handwritten copy of it. Today, however, I was told by another applicant that the essay requirements are for it to be one-page-handwritten and then type a copy of that.


My deadline for updating my packet is Friday, thus, I am trying to figure this out so I know if I need to get a new essay submitted or not.


My questions are: (1) Has anyone made the mistake I have? If so, did it matter (If you were selected)?


(2) Lined or blank paper for the handwritten?


Neither the battalion or my recruiter have said anything, and while they have been amazing thus far, I refuse to lay my career in their hands when it comes to something I can fix.


Thanks for the information!

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While this may be late to help you, perhaps it can help future applicants!


As a professional high school student (and English class lover), most everything we write anymore is typed out on the computer and either uploaded, emailed to a teacher, or printed off and submitted. However, when it comes to hand writing on a blank piece of paper, you can make it look much nicer by placing a piece of lined paper underneath, and following the lines. Very common sense, and most have probably already thought of it! But for those who haven't...


*Edit* = I also realize that this tip has already been posted in many of the topics pinned to the top!

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