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Snag for Meps?

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Hello everyone I am applying for WOFT as we speak. This Board has been very very helpful as I have stalked it for several weeks now and I got tons of information from the SIFT section.



A quick background on me is:


BA Degree in Criminal Justice

Present Job: Captain , team leader for a s.w.a.t. team

LORs: Congressmen (who observed my work) , chief of police, peers in department, subordinates, 1 professor, CW4 Aviator etc


I decided to make a leap and pursue flying for the Army (Active Duty) for many different reasons.



My present situation is this, I was set up to go for MEPS next week and get my physicals , asvab and sift test done. I had went to meps in october of 2008 for a different service when I was exploring some options after college. When I was there I had gotten the PRK Surgery a couple years prior. I was not told to bring my post op paperwork with me that day and was told at meps I would need to get that submitted. I obtained the records and submitted to the recruiter of the other service. I am aware of the required range of the + or - 8 diopeters (I was in the low 5's).


When they logged into the system to schedule me they were unable to as it showed a permanent medical disqualification through MEPS. It was referring to the eyes. We have come to the conclusion that likely back in 2008 no one ever sent my post op records over. They have a station commander working on the situation so they can get me scheduled they said. I have no idea what is involved with that.


Then I get a second call today asking about did I fail to disclose a disease. When I ask what they were talking about they brought up something called "Dengue Fever Virus". I told them I had no idea what they were going on about and google searched it while on the phone. Apparently it is a very serious condition that most people die from pretty quick and have serious treatment to maintain it. I let him know there must be a serious mistake on my records going on as there is no way I have the condition listed. He indicated that often someone can't find the right code and randomly picks one or a typo, so this was also done incorrectly back in 2008.


You can tell there is little "enthusiasm" when it comes to WOFT and OCS packets around the recruiters circle.


So he said they are getting to work on it to get it all fixed. My question is if anyone has had anything remotely similar to this happen and if there is any heads up or proactive measures I can take to get this pushed along?

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You can tell there is little "enthusiasm" when it comes to WOFT and OCS packets around the recruiters circle.


Unfortunately, many of us have figured this out the long and hard way. I'm almost certain that an unwritten requirement when submitting your packet to the board is that you have to have endure at least 6 months of unneeded BS from a recruiter, before they will accept it.


My suggestion is to get a copy (if you don't already have it) of your post op paperwork from '08; the stuff that they SHOULD have reviewed back when it happened, and let the recruiter send it down to MEPS. Hopefully they will at least be able to do a Med Read and realize that you aren't disqualified.


I am having a similiar problem with my physical. I fractured my skull when I was 5, but have had no issues since. I was cleared after a neurologist consultation at Walter Reid Medical Center with my recruiter in high school, and completed my enlistment in the Air Force with no waivers. Now the doctor at MEPS is saying they want to review my medical records from 25 years ago and decide if they should do a physical. And there aren't even any disqualifying characteristics with me. They told me all of this, the day I was driving down to MEPS for my physical.


Just hang in there, things will work themselves out sooner or later.

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I think everyone has a tough experience when submitting a packet. I worked full time in the national guard as a crew chief and my company commander was the flight school acessions officer. It took FOREVER to get my packet done, and nothing was easy, and I saw the person handling my packet on a daily basis.


I waited 4 months to get a moral conviction waiver then when we got a new acessions officer she called NGB the day she started working and found out I didn't need it. I had a school date within a week from that day.

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