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GOM Platform GPS File


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Does anyone have or know where to download a GPS file containing all of the GOM platform locations (including the name of the platform)? I did find one file from 2008 but it didn't have the names of the platforms, only the lat/long coordinates as waypoints. I'm trying to import these to my old gpsmap 96 or my android tablet for use in the GOM.


Thanks in advance.

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It's on the MMS website. I don't have the exact URL handy, sorry. You may have to do some massaging of the data. I used to have a spreadsheet with macros that did the necessary work, but I'm not sure I still have it. It's not rocket science, though. GPSBabel will convert almost any file with lat/lon data to almost any GPS format, including Garmin, Magellan, and whatever else you need. It's freeware, and has versions for Windows, Linux, and probably Mac. After stripping out the unnecessary fields from the MMS file, you can probably feed the file to GPSBabel and get what you need.


A few minutes with Teh Google turned up this:



It has lots of info you don't need, and the explanation of all the fields is here . Unzip the file, open it in a spreadsheet, delete all the unnecessary fields, save it as a text file, and let GPSBabel deal with it. It might take some experimentation to get it all in the correct order, but it's doable.

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I wouldn't worry too much about getting all the coordinates, since you will probably never even go to 95% of them. Put in all your company's fuel platforms in and just add as you move to different jobs. It's really not necessary as all the coordinates you will need will be readily available from lots of different sources.

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