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Nov. Board submission date extended.

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  • 23 SEP 13 - Deadline for the NOVEMBER board is EXTENDED to 28 OCT 13 for the following MOSs: 140A, 140E, 150A, 153A, 290E, 350F, 350G, 351L, 351M, 352N, 914A, and 921A. Bottom Line: We are critically short applicants applying for 140A, 140E, 150A, 153A, 290E, 350F, 350G, 351L, 351M, 352N, 914A, and 921A! If you have the prerequisite experience for these Warrant Officer MOS' and the desire to submit a packet, then your chances of being selected on the first board of FY 14 is extremely HIGH!




Now lets just home the number of slots are the same and the applications are way down....not both.

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The selection rate for September was incredibly high. Something like 75 selected, 10 FQ-NS, and only 5 NS-NC. I was obsessively tracking selection rate trends this year, and that is significantly higher. They also extended the deadline to apply for the September board up to Sept 6. They were short on applicants then as well.


My conclusion, more slots are there, the applicants aren't, and the race is on to get a packet in the next 2 boards for this gold rush. The Army is discussing cutting a couple CAB's, so this probably won't last long. GET YOUR PACKETS IN!

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Do you have any stats on the Selected vs. FQ-NS? Also, is that 90 total boarded as civilians and active duty?


Civilian Results (Credit Goes to Lindsey)

Total Applicants: 36

Selected: 26 (72%)

Not Selected: 10

Average Scores of Selected Applicants

GT: 123

GPA (for applicants w/ college only): 3.0

APFT: 270

SIFT: 57

# with High School Diploma: 3

# with Associates Degree: 5

# with Bachelors Degree: 17

# with Graduate Degree: 1

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The numbers I listed are from the active duty list, and that is pulled from the MILPER message. They aren't even exact numbers. It is very close to that, but not exactly that. I don't have it in front of me or I would break it down exactly.


Sneakier sources would have to get us the stats like the ones here for the civilian boards.

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