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Family during WOFT

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I will be going to WOCS in Feburary, and WOFT starting in April, I plan to leave my family where i am currently living (Washingon D.C.) until after flight school - Im trying to figure out if they will let me keep them here, and will the BAH reflect where my family lives or will it be based on Ft. Rucker? Also does anyone know if i do this would i live in the barricks on Rucker or off base?


Thank you to anyone who might have some answers for me



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Well, I'm speaking from generic military experience, not based on WOFT... but typically BAH is based off where YOU are because they're assuming your family will be with you. Under normal circumstances you can't collect BAH and live in the barracks. They're assuming that you're using your BAH to pay for living for your family and yourself. Of anyone else can chime in from personal experience though please do.

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Keep in mind that anything I say here related to the military will be only from what I have read, and not experience. But as far as I know, when you go to basic your family will be paid BAH at whatever rank you go in as based on THEIR zip code. Same goes for WOCS, but the pay rate will change to E-5 unless you were already E-5 or higher. This is only if you are married, or have dependents. Single recruits and WOC's will not receive BAH while in training. Now when it comes to everything after WOCS, I really have no idea what you get, but can only assume it remains the same.

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