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Three dead in Tennessee EMS crash


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I just finished a USHST, JHSIT twg web conference and this accident came up. It was mentioned that the pu of the child was shopped to a second operator after the first turned it down.


Helicopter Air Ambulance personnel are NOT rescuers, they are transporters only!


Do not quote us on the shopping but it is from a reliable source.


It brought tears to my eyes yesterday when I was notified about this. Three adults lost their lives and ALL three of them left spouses and 3 children each behind.


The main responsibility of being PIC is to "Protect the Sacred Trust" that your pax place in you.


Not finding fault, too early for that, just a reminder on PIC responsibility.



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The "cavalry, rescue, hero" stuff surprised and worries me.

"If you wouldn't go for a box of rocks, you shouldn't be going at all."


Well said Wally.

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