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I know a few people have touched on this within other threads. However, any advice on stenciling? Is it true it never really gets looked at other than what you can see from display. Also I'm NG and have access to a few stencil machines at our hanger. Does anyone have any pics of what their template looked like? I'm guessing it's suppose to be the same style we got from basic.

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When you sign in and receive your snowbird status they have a stencil machine inside the classroom next to staff duty. I would recommend getting your own stencil and mark everything before you arrive. It saves tons of time and allows you to relax before the fun begins.


The stenciling is more or less so you can identify your gear. We had a barracks room that 4 candidates shared that was flipped. All of there belongings that were un-secure, in their display drawers and or lockers was in a giant pile in the middle of the room.


As long as your gear is marked per the SOP there shouldn't be an issue.

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