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Where to buy & sell my helmet


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Well, you've got this site, craigslist, or pretty much ebay.


Craigslist depending upon if you're in an area of relatively mediocre helicopter operations.


Ebay is pretty much a guarantee across the board for selling.


This site has a for sale section that typically youll come across someone who will buy what you have.

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Since I no longer fly anymore any one know where i can go to sell my HGU 56P helmet... I want to do the right thing after so many years in the US Army. It's just sitting there on my shelf collecting dust and that's a shame ....

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I am the type that will do it right once. By that I mean, I'll spend the money and get exactly what I want and keep it for the long term. Buying a used helmet would be like having a used pair of shoes. They are super expensive, I think I paid $2700 for mine 6 years ago, but it's custome fit, has everything I want, and nothing I don't want. That's my 2 cents.

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Hi everybody. We don't know much about aviation, but we were given a brand new in the box and original packaging helicopter helmet, I think from the 80's.  The box says Gentex SPH-4 size regular. It has the manual, miccrophone, ear cup spacers and an extra lense. All wrapped in original wrapping. Although it's neat and my son would like to play with it, we would like to see if anybody is interested in buying it. I can provide pictures if you'd like. 

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