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Posting videos and breaking FAR's


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Just an observation of late, lots of heli videos floating around out there. Some private, some promotional, some professional, etc etc.


So you make a video, show off your mad skills, and BAM....blatantly violate an FAR.


What can happen to you if its noticed by the dark side...I mean the FAA?


Some thoughts? As may be noticed...yes I saw something, just not sure if I want to point it out or just educate myself by reading the replies.

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The USHST had concerns about videos on social media venues and such and our Joint Implementation Training Work Group came up with this Safety Bulletin.




Check out the App available. Go to www.ushst.org


We are also starting an outreach initiative to have USHST Resource Centers at flight schools around the country. It would provide supporting flight schools recognition on the web site.


If your school would like to participate and be recognized have your chief pilot email me for more info.






USHST SMS Committee

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I know a local op who was cited twice... once based on 3rd party complaint he flew under powerlines and buzzed a beach.

2nd time for carrying a passenger in a restricted category aircraft... video was on the internet.


Lets see it!

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Thanks for the links!


I was able to educate myself further by asking a local FAA guy and from what I saw wasnt actually a violation of the regs, just not entirely risk free judgement.


However, the videos that are out there get alot of attention so I am sure at some point I might see a few here or there.

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