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Warrant Officer Flight Training?

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I served 7 years on active duty in Air Force Security Forces and currently enlisted in the Air National Guard. I am going to school to fly helicopters on my GI Bill. I would like to apply for WOFT but i do not know much about the selection process. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Also if anybody could give me advice on when i should apply. My flight school starts in August and takes approximately 1 1/2 years for Associates, private/commercial rating, instrument rating, flight/instrument instructor rating.

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You want people to give you advice on when you should apply for WOFT??


Why not apply now....


Start researching the forums on your own. Theres a 1,000 threads about WOFT and Army flight school here that should just about answer any question you have.


Youre going to go through 1 1/2 years of civi flight school just to turn around and spend another 1 1/2 years at military flight school....? Id also wait on the degree. You can get that while youre in, plus youll be able to use a ton of your military schooling as credits towards your future degree!


Again, start applying now.

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