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Army Fixed Wing Course out of flight school

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Does anyone have any idea what the heck the timeline/schedule is for us? When we out-process to C Co? Are we almost guaranteed to be MI (Military Intelligence)? Typically that means a TDY trip to Huachuca and a TS. Do we PCS.. after fixed wing course? Drive every day to Dothan? So many questions, and it seems the almighty B Co really isn't sure about any of it either. I asked the HRC lady a week before Xmas, but she sloughed off my question and went on a rant about something else. Anyone with any clue on the fixed wing course please feel free to chime in.

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1. Most of your questions can be answered by going and talking to C Co.


2. You will drive to Dothan for class and flightline. C Co. provides vans so that the group can go as a whole, but you can use your POV.


3. Don't ask about security clearances on a public forum. Read your RFO.


4. Yes, Army FW is MI heavy. You will be in a MI unit sooner than later. More information about this is available on the Assignment Managers page.


5. Questions about PCS? read your RFO.

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