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Why is it always wires?


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So I had that dream again last night. This time I'm sitting in the middle of the airfield, I go to takeoff, look up, and what do I see? Power lines! Now come on subconscious, who runs power lines through the middle of an airport!?


My wire dreams always seem to have one common thread, that is, I always find myself trapped by them on takeoff! Never while just cruising around, and certainly not during an approach to land,...kinda odd if you ask me?


,...and how come I never just set back down!!?


Another thing I find a bit odd. I'm one of those idiots who went scudd-running one day ferrying a 44, went IIMC and yet somehow survived. So howcome I never dream about that?


Its always those damn wires!?

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We never stop flying...its our dreams. Wires just the obstacle. Alphas never quit....its what makes us good...its also what makes us dead sometimes....our dreams just try to remind us..to never stop staying in check.

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I dream that I encounter wires in flight, although my usual nightmare is a as r22butters described- I'm trying to takeoff and I can't find a clear path.

In my last dream, I had just reported for a night shift in China and got a request immediately- which I accepted without preflight preps. That in itself is a nightmare. Blasted off, I'm scudrunning a black night to a new destination, BIG wires running along the base of the clouds and that's enough, I abort. There's the hospital...

China is full of Chinese, I don't speak Chinese, I have no maps/charts, local knowledge, weather briefing or even the remotest idea where the receiving is, but I don't tell anybody and fake it...

Somewhere in my deep sub-conscious I think I am bullet-effin proof and can handle anything? That's scary.

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Yeah, Wally, that's another recurrent one - being totally unprepared for a flight - being launched off with no flight plan, no maps or charts, no real idea of where I am supposed to go. Finding myself inside controlled airspace without a clearance - do I tell them on the radio where I am and request a clearance? Or do I sneak back to the zone boundary and ask again? Or just keep skunking along and hope nobody notices?

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