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Quick question regarding static electricity buildup.

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One of our instructors today told us an anecdote about a time when he forgot to key the FM to discharge static that had built up, and how it resulted in someone who was handling a sling load getting a little zap.


I didn't really think about it until after class, but I was curious if any of you old/experienced folks around here could explain why exactly keying the FM allows the static to dissipate.

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So, going to go out on a limb and just say that they give the hookup crew a discharge wand for a reason. I would think that if simply keying the FM radio would dissipate that static electricity, that would have been written into the procedure. Not saying that doesn't work but . . .

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Its so that everyone on that channel can hear the ground crew holler!. Lol never heard of it before.


Sounds like that instructor was given an I D 10 Tango form in his knowledge test somewhere in the past. HAha.

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