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H-1 initial training


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Wow...ok. UH-1 Initial Training.

Well, there's an H-1 experimental helicopter that you could've been talking about since no one calls a Huey a H-1.


What variant do you need training in?

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Does anyone know where someone can get initial H-1 training?


Northwest Helicopters can point you in the right direction

Address: 1000 85th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501

Phone: (360) 754-7200


The reason you might be having a hard time finding somebody that provides UH-1 (restricted category) helicopter training Is because, most don’t advertise that fact outright, that they’re willing to provide such training for compensation to the general public. However, Bell 204/205 (normal category) training for all practical purposes is the same and doesn’t have to be done under the table.


Be aware, that when you’re receiving flight training in a restricted category aircraft (i.e. UH-1), for compensation, and the flight training is just general flight training, the owner operator is fudging the rule a little bit. The only training that you can legally provide in a restricted category aircraft, is flight crewmember training in the specific special operations for which the aircraft is certificated.


§91.313 Restricted category civil aircraft: Operating limitations.

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Lots of 212's around...call up about any utility operator and they will gladly take your money for some training. Especially this time of year before fire season starts.


What part of the country are you in?


It'll be no less than $1500/hr.

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