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Aviation Expectations and Shortfalls

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This question is mostly aimed at prior enlisted and their overall experience vs. their expectations in serving as an Aviation Warrant Officer.

What are some of the things that you don't/didn't like about the Aviation community? Did things change as you progressed as a Warrant Officer?

What exceeded your expectations?

What are some of the more challenging things about being a WO that took time for you to adjust to?

What do you wish you knew as a junior Aviator/WO?

Everything in the Army has a dark side and I feel like I never see anyone talk about getting the green weenie in regards to being an Aviator. Appreciate all of your feedback!

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Are you motivated to do this because you love the Army or because you want to be a pilot? If you just want to fly you will quickly realize that Army Aviation is not for you. You'll spend maybe 25% of your time doing anything remotely pilot related. I'm including actual flight time, pre/post flight, pilot briefs, studying, maintenance work, anything that involves a helicopter. The rest will be spent doing the usual Army BS plus all the additional duties that usually have a specific MOS assigned soldier outside of an aviation company.


The upside is you'll be getting paid a lot more to sit through the same SHARP, EO, anti-terrorism and cyber awareness classes.

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