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Gain real-world, on-the-job experience while flying pipeline patrol in an Enstrom-480 turbine helicopter. This is a great opportunity for any commercial pilot wanting to build time, and enhance his/her ability, at a drastically reduced rate while flying over mountains and cities in various airspaces.

Come for a few days or for three weeks and expect to fly many hours daily. You fly the helicopter and the pilot performs the observation duties.
The travel expenses to/from our base in Ohio plus your daily food/ lodging costs are covered by you.
This is a tremendous opportunity to build valuable time while enjoying a variety of challenging and spectacular landscapes.

2017/2018 Discounted Price: $250/hr


Flight time available is about 70-80 hours per month in the winter and 100-110 hours April - October.

First come, first serve basis.
Schedule flexibility is required
due to weather and maintenance delays.

Contact our program coordinator at:
for additional information.



"I'm just back to Florida after doing the whole patrol, and really would just like to give a recommendation to other aspiring pilots who are done with their training and want to gain both some work experience from "the real world" of flying, and some more flight time in your logbook.

The pipeline inspection flying is technically somewhat more advanced than what you do at flight school, as we fly to follow and inspect terrain. You get training in handling the aircraft and at the same time perform other tasks.

Not to mention all the beautiful scenery you get to see during this kind of flights...!

All in all - highly recommended!



"Hi all,

Another satisfied customer here. I did three days and had a great time (despite some weather challenges, but that just added to the real world experience.) For those in the no man's land between training and employment, this is a great option. I'm trying to work some more time into my schedule as soon as I can.




Fellow Rotorheads:)

I would like to share my experience flying...

First word that comes to mind is WOW! What an experience! I flew for 30 hours on this patrol, through 4 states, both populated and rural areas, did I mention already LOW level What a blast, at times I felt like I was a race car driver, tight turns left and right at the same time minding the ever changing terrain. After researching available choices for my time building needs, this opportunity came on top!...

It's been a week since I flew and I still barely touch the ground.

Best regards,



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