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GED civilian to WOFT

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The confusion is that the Army looks at a high school diploma and a GED separately. Here's a link to the USAREC page: http://www.usarec.army.mil/hq/warrant/prerequ/woft.shtml. It states that you need a high school diploma. If you have a GED, you need enough college credits to meet education code "128", and it quotes AR 601-210, 2-7c(7).


Here's a link to that regulation: https://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/DR_pubs/DR_a/pdf/web/ARN6642_AR601-210_ADMIN_WEB_Final.pdf.


The applicable language is on pages 9-10.


The section they quote states that for GED holders, you need 15 semester credits, 22 quarter hours, or 675 clock hours of classroom time from an accredited post-secondary institution in order to meet the same education requirement as a high school diploma holder.


This requirement might be waiverable, but I don't have any info on that.


Not trying to bring you down, I just wanted to make sure that you had all the correct information!


Okay, thanks for the info. I thank everyone for chiming in. Im going to submit a packet regardless of the credit hours. If I dont get accepted, Im going to enlist as a 15t.( which I have no problem with as its my second choice in occupation)


My one last question is would the 15 credit hours still matter once Im already in AD wanting to go WOFT?

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I wouldn't enlist unless you are comfortable not flying for a few years and just lengthening your app process. It's your recruiter's job to get you in the Army, not necessarily to a cockpit. And even if you do get selected as a civilian, don't expect to start anytime soon. My recruiter told me I could start BCT right after I graduate college this May....Im not starting until this November (6 months later than anticipated)


Also dude, you are 28....not too old but if you enlist as a 15t and then do WOFT you will be starting the application in your 30s. The app itself is also quite extensive. I first walked into a recruiters office to speak about WOFT when I was 21 and I got selected in March, one month shy of my 23rd birthday. And I wont get into a helicopter most likely until I am 24, AND if i'm lucky ill graduate flight school when i'm 25. Just for some perspective!!


So moral of the story, apply sooner than later. ASVAB really isn't that hard, just study ASVAB for Dummies and I promise it will help. Also buy some SIFT study guides and read the FAA helo handbook. Most importantly, try to find a recruiter that knows how to do a WOFT packet. It's not a common path, so there are some recruiters out there who really don't know how to go about the process.


Worst outcome is that you don't get selected but be confident dude!!

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I was selected with a GED! You need 15 college credits to be eligible for enlistment reguardless if your planning on WOCS or standard enlistment. Go Warrant now and not during/ after AIT. 100% selection rate for civilians. My class has an 18 year old with zero flight hours. By the time your done completeing your packet you can easily squeeze in another 8 college credits and meet the minimum requirement. Take my word for it man go Warrant first.

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