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Hi anyone. I am 19 years old and want to start my process of applying for WOFT. I am still somewhat young so I'm taking things easily. My only concern is my blood pressure. Since I was 16 I have been taking medication to manage my blood pressure. I've always been fit and healthy, I am not overweight or anything. My doctor has recently brought the idea of taking me off my meds since my blood pressure has been great since I started treatment. The medication I'm taking is a very small dosage and so I strongly believe that I can beat this by starting a healthier lifestyle. I know high blood pressure is a DQ, but would anyone know If I could get a waiver (or have to) assuming that I'm able to control my blood pressure without any medication? I heard its a pain in the butt to deal with waivers, but I won't give up easily as it's my ultimate goal in life to one day be an Army aviator.

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If it's your ultimate goal to be an Army Aviator, the worst thing you can do is disqualify yourself. People will be able to give you anecdotal evidence, and their educated opinions, but unless they are flight doctors, they can't disqualify you. High blood pressure sounds like a potential issue, but standards change and waivers exist for a reason. IMO, just get your physical as early as possible so you give yourself time if you need a waiver and you don't waste your time if you're completely DQ'd. Best of luck!

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