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Benning to Rucker

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For those of you (WOFT) who have gone through basic at Ft. Benning and then went on to Fort Rucker for WOCS:


-How does that transportation work?


-Can we travel to Rucker on our own accord?


-I heard of previous posters saying the DIs at Benning told them something untrue; that they couldn't drive themselves to Rucker only to find out they actually could drive themselves once they got to Rucker


-If there is arranged transpo to Rucker, can we opt out and have a family member drive us over to Rucker instead?


Thanks for the input as my ship date is nearing and I am hitting the bottom of my question barrel for this forum !!!

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When I came to Rucker in August of 2016, I drove with my wife. Throughout BCT we were given mixed messages on what was and wasnt allowed. Of 11 of us at BCT who care here, I think 5 or 6 left Benning immediately following graduation and came to fort rucker to report the following day. A family member had to sign us out at the company following graduation and then we were allowed to leave. It took A LOT of time and effort to get the company command to realize it was allowed and has happened before. Things may have changed since then but thats how we were able to do it. Best thing I recommend is telling your BCT company leadership to contact the XO at HHC WOCS for clarification. He can set them straight on whats allowed here and isnt.

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When I shipped from Benning to Rucker, myself and the 22 other WOFT guys (also some atc ait kids) all hopped on a small charter bus that drove us from Benning to Rucker. Didn't know riding with family was even an option so I never asked.

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