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Thank you to everyone on this forum for your insight and assistance. I am extremely grateful for the help navigating completing sister service paperwork. I can definitely give insight into my experience with both active and National Guard applications. My packet numbers are posted in a couple of the board topics of you want to compare.


I just completed my National Guard State and Federal recognition board this morning. What an experience! The in person board is quite a bit different than a group of people reviewing your documents without you in the room. Nonetheless humbled by how genuinely interested the group of high ranking officers seemed to be in my life story.


I was denied to board active in July 2018 for age. My packet was submitted at 33 years 4 months. I was told to look into National Guard and later told no by about 30/50 states. Found a state that would entertain the idea of my packet and here we are. If you want something, go for it.


If I'm not selected I know that I put everything I had into this and it is probably not meant to be. The best feeling throughout this process after my age waiver disposition, is that someone said "yes, let's take a look at this guy".


Know that you will never know unless you try. The worst thing throughout the warrant application is the answer no. If you can handle that, why not submit?

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Update: I was notified the same day a few hours later that I had been selected pending age waiver approval. Process is projected to take a couple months.


I'm extremely happy and excited for the possible outcome! I know that it still may not work out, but I have the endorsement of the State Aviation Officer now.


Keep trying. You never know what's in store for you.

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