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A Warrant recruiter finally contacted me and informed me that I could complete the flight physical through my Navy flight doc, has anyone gone through this as far as doing the physical through their in service doc. Also before I schedual the SIFT do I need to have my REDD report in hand. Thanks everyone for the help!



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The sister service doc will probably need the forms and standards in order to conform to what Rucker Aeromed will stamp. YMMV.

I was prior AF, the docs at my station didn't really care for the Army standards and wouldn't help unless I provided everything for them. I ended going to the Army doc, said I wanted to swap over and apply for WOFT and they did everything seamlessly. If you have an AMC or something close by, you can do it there and it'll probably complicate things less, especially if the Navy doc has never done something like it.

For the SIFT, your recruiter should have the contact for the testing center. Call/email to see what they need (should be the closest Army education center). The test center I went to needed a commander's letter endorsing me taking the test (lol) and the education center certifying my GT score before administering it.

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