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Bell 47 Performance: G2 vs. G4A

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I'm a seasoned fixed wing pilot looking into an add-on rating.

I am looking into flying at a flight school that possesses both a Bell 47G-2 and a Bell 47G-4A.  The G-2 is substantially less expensive per hour than the G-4A, but I'm concerned that the ship might not have the performance to train a man of my size.  I'm 6' 2" and about 255, and the instructor in question is probably somewhere around 185.

It goes without question that I will abide by and respect the owner/instructor's judgement with respect to performance, but I wanted to seek other opinions to better educate myself before I start making real moves.

If you have a good bit of experience on the G2, and can speak to its capabilities as a trainer for a man my size, I'd be grateful to hear from you.

Thank you in advance.



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I have about 10 hours on a G2 and 400+ on my G4 (same engine, different transmission than a G4A).

Question...Where are you located (more precisely, what is the density altitude like there when you will be training).

Check the flight manual and check the IGE/OGE hover limits with you/instructor/full fuel.

The G4 is wider but I get 3 people in all the time with one of my friends being over 6'4".  I have also taken up numerous people in the 300# range with a kid/small person in the middle.  A G2 with just you and the instructor should be more than adequate size wise.

One thought is if the G2 has adequate performance, issues of cost aside, I would still choose the G2.  The extra power of the G4A will cover up/compensate for a lot of bad technique.  Learning in a machine closer to the limits will make you a better pilot.


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I’m interested in purchasing a G2 with VO 435-A1F engine. I’m a big guy and I need the W&B Arms for loading allowing me to create a few scenario’s to verify it will work for me.

question: can someone give me the arms, I can’t find them anywhere and I don't have a POH.

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