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Questions about the flight physical stamp process at Ft Rucker. I'm a civilian putting a packet together out of Las Vegas. 

Background: I completed part II of the flight physical back in November. Called Ft Rucker to check the status of the stamp earlier this December, they said my packet was disqualified. Got in touch with the flight surgeon who did my part II out at Ft Irwin and he said they have to do an aeromedical survey to review my med packet and move forward. He also said I was disqualified because of a retinal hemorrhage that was reported in my follow up appointments from a 2013 PRK surgery. He couldn't give me a timeline on the aeromedical survey but he said I've done everything on my end and Im not out. When I was doing parts I and II they also said my eyes were fine, no issues and I'm 20/15 in both and I got a waiver coming out of MEPs for the same reason. My recruiter said it was just another waiver process and they have to talk to their "waiver guy", I believe it but I haven't really relied on them for anything during this process. 

Has anyone ever been hung up or know someone hung up getting the stamp from Rucker? How long did it take from completion of part II?

Anybody know someone flying with the retinal hemorrhage in their history?  





Greatly appreciate the value that this forum has brought to me during this whole process and thanks to everyone who have helped in the past. Have a happy new year and good luck to everyone in the upcoming boards.

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Here is what I found on the Army's aeromedical policy letter:

"Initial Flight Applicants: Detached retina and other retinal conditions are disqualifying with Exception to Policy rarely granted on a case-by-case basis after review of the information below. Rated and Non-Rated Aircrew to Include Class 2/3/4 Applicants: Waiver may be considered if the applicant has normal vision without complications.....Complete Ophthalmologic evaluation is required in all cases, but particularly for retinoschisis, retinal tears, or central serous retinopathy."

Not sure if what you are talking about would fall under "other conditions". The wording may sound scary but I wouldn't stress it too much, looks like generic wording for anything eye related. Your recruiter is sorta correct, you do have to get another/same waiver but it's not their "waiver guy" that does it haha...you will take your required test results back to your flight surgeon for review. My initial flight physical was disqualified, then I had to get a waiver and resubmit. After your part II/waiver is submitted the process should go pretty fast. I think both my initial phase II and subsequent waiver both took less than a week to get stamped by Rucker (time to get processed by my flight surgeon is a different story!). 

Good luck man!

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I would call whoever did your part two and explain the situation to them. They should tell you what you need to get done next as far as testing goes. But it sounds like you may have already had the specific tests done? Either way, once you have that documentation you go back to your flight surgeon, they submit a waiver to Rucker, and at that point I would wait a week then follow up with Rucker.

For example, I was disqualified, called my surgeon at Ft. Knox, they told me what tests I needed done (CT scan, MRI, a few evaluations), once I finished those I brought the findings back to Knox, saw my surgeon, they submitted their part to Rucker and I received a stamped with waiver physical shortly after that. My whole physical process took between 6-8 months to complete.

I would recommend calling anyone and everyone you can until you know what you need to do next. 

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so I submitted my flight physical in March. Fort Rucker has had it almost a month. After vigorous calling and emails, I finally got it pushed through and reviewed. They stamped it “Incomplete.” Does anyone know what this means? I have done what I can from my end, but the flight surgeon was talking about an incident with a DUI over 8 years ago which I received a GOMOR and I have submitted the ETP and have the letters of rebuttal and recommendation for it to be moved into my restricted file already. Im trying to understand what they would need from me. 

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