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Cherry Point simulator?

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I’ve been going to the Bragg simulator for UH-60 time to get a leg up on flying going over start up procedures. I moved to the Moorhead city area for work and was wondering if there was a simulator at cherry point at the Marine base and if they would even let an Army personnel use it?  Any info would be much appreciated. 


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Unless they have a LUH-72 simulator you’re not going to gain much, especially without an instructor teaching you the way you will be required to do it in flight school. You’ll have plenty of time to learn once you get there without forming bad habits on your own. Remember, just about every single person passes flight school, it’s not that difficult if you don’t just give up. 

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Are you saying this as someone that got selected for flight school and you're waiting to go so you decided to jump in a 60 sim to do start procedures? Because if so, that makes me LOL.

What you should do is start memorizing EP and limits (you still could be in a 67 or 72) and reading some basic theory of rotor wing flight. 


I do hope you mean you're trying to RL1 and have already graduated.

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