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Point of Contact for Flight Medical?

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Hey guys,

So I understand that everything is closed right now, but around a month before the lockdown, my recruiter and I hit kind of a speedbump with getting my packet in. We couldn't find a point of contact for getting the flight physical done. Apparently there aren't many in the midwest, so he's looking at anywhere at this point. Do you guys have any helpful info in this regard? Offices, phone numbers, etc? I want to be able to finish that off and get my packet done ASAP once the quarantine is over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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On 4/15/2020 at 6:26 PM, Fabulous Jewfro said:

Michigan. Again, they're willing to have me go wherever at this point.

So your looking at Fort Campbell KY, Fort Knox KY, or a NG flight doc. So here’s what you can do;

1. Have your recruiter contact the special mission POC and battalion and see if he has a list of flight docs. I know our guy did in my BN. 

2. When I was in recruiting our NG wouldn’t help so we took WOFT applicants to Fort Leonard wood. So be prepared for a drive to whatever nearest base will see you. 

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