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Private license before Army flight school??

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I'm in the process of joining the Army National Guard. 

I only did 2 discovery flights in R-22s.  I have very little total aviation experience.  I was a Field Radio Operator in the Marine Corps from 2008 to 2012 with 2 trips to Afghanistan.  I've always respected chopper pilots or any air support in general.  

I'm not in the Guard and haven't even taken the SIFT yet.  Wanting to stay proactive before flight school (If I get selected),  would it be worth the money to get my private license before flight school?

Thanks in advance for input.

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What state are you trying to apply for in Devil Dog? 
I’m in the GA Guard as a 15T now, got out of the USMC in 2015.  Waiting for my flight physical, but the Army is kind of on hold right now and I’m in a MEDEVAC unit... The SIFT isn’t too bad but you need to study. Check out “Helicopter Lessons in 10 Minutes” on YouTube. Pretty helpful. Different states have different SOP’s. I couldn’t apply for Street To Seat being prior service so I enlisted as a 15T to get selected from inside. So far the guard is awesome, I’ve been in almost two years. A lot of prior Marines. 

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California.  Yeah the pipelines are stopped up everywhere.  
Helicopter Lessons in 10 minutes is awesome.  

I have to go enlisted first also.  

I'll be 31 in July so I'll be getting close on time.  I just want to everything I can to make sure I get selected.

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