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Stamp from Rucker

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When I called AAMA to ask, they told me 3 months on average to get it back. Due to shortages of people bc of COVID and PCSs. They told me a flight surgeon could request it to be expedited if it was time sensitive, but only for good reason basically since they technically aren't allowed to expedite a 1W. 

Since I'm Air Force and my conditional release has an expiration date, I asked my surgeon to put in a request to expedite for me. She did, and it went through. My package was submitted on 7 Oct and was told today by AAMA it should be done by the end of the week. 

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On 10/24/2021 at 10:21 PM, Ordinary guy said:

How long is it taking now for Rucker to stamp these physicals? Mine has been submitted for a month and 2 weeks, nothing back yet, I am getting a little anxious because I really want to make the November board 

Mine took a few months but I did require a waiver. I'd make sure the rest of your package is 100% good while your waiting - double check to make sure you don't need something like a moral waiver for any speeding tickets while you're waiting, moral waivers made me miss two boards because I had two speeding tickets (just normal speeding tickets) that required a waiver because they had a fine of more than $100. 

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