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Anyone Get Selected Before Finishing Flight Physical?

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As mentioned in the title, I got selected with an incomplete flight physical because of a deployment. Now I’m about 45 days out from my WOCS date and still waiting on the physical to be approved. Seems like it’s getting down to the wire and it’s making me nervous. Any tips or advice from the community?

Also, by this point should I be registered for Blackboard or doing anything else specifically before reporting to WOCS?

Thank you.


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That’s a weird one, haven’t heard of that before. If you completed all the appointments (hearing, vision, flight doc, etc) and you’re just waiting on review from Rucker I wouldn’t be too concerned. Generally disqualifying factors will be identified by the flight doc and you would already know. 

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Have you tried calling them? 

[Name] Ft Rucker Aero Med
[Mobile] (334) 255-0750

Also, you can have your flight surgeon who submitted your physical request your physical be expedited. They just have to reach out to Aero Med and put in the request with why you need the review expedited. 

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