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Titan Gas turbine information needed

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Hello , 


For years  i have wanted to build my own personal helicopter out of my home machine shop but couldn’t fathom the thought of doing so with a 2 stroke motor . 

Was wondering if someone could help me regarding a titan t-62-39 gas turbine . I have found a used one locally but know little about these units . I have however worked on much larger siemens and alstom units in the oil & gas industry but could use some coaching upon purchasing this used gasser . 

The seller says he can power it up for me  upon my arrival & i would kindly like to know what to look for to make sure I don’t get stuck with a boat anchor . 
i am also curious about the reduction gear box on this unit , having trouble finding anything about it on the web . More over could this unit be a good candidate for a personal helicopter project . 









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Is it a free turbine, i.e. can the front of the engine run at a different speed from the back? Fixed turbine engines are not as common in helicopters.

Is this engine designed to run at its optimum RPM all the time? If so, the efficiency may be reduced markedly by the constantly changing power demands from a chopper.

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