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Can no longer maintain flight status...what happens? (WOFT)

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I have started experiencing seriously debilitating symptoms that can absolutely jack me up in flight. I feel horrible and at this point, I want to feel better and take care of myself, so I reached out to my PCM to see them.

I haven't started common core yet, and haven't even been to SERE. If I am deemed unable to fly, what happens? I'm a street to seater with no prior military experience.

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It really depends on what is actually going on.  Best thing to do is consult with your flight doc and look at the Aeromedical Policy Letter for whatever your ailment is and see what it says. Sometimes it’s no big deal and you can continue sometimes not so much. Also expect it so say something along the lines of “if you’re a rated aviator then x but if you’re a student then y”

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