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Hi guys it's me again. Just to share with you the next greatest experience I just had.

Yes!... My first solo. it was amaizing. It was this saturday october the 8th. It all started as a schedule one hour flight lesson. As usually I showed up like every saturday morning, I took my headphones, my

flying bag, my kneeboard, and walked in to see my instructor and these are the first words coming out of his mouth. " You are doing your first solo today " I got shocked. It took me by surprice and I didn't know what to say or what to do, well I think he saw that and told if I didn't fell confidence not to worry and I would do it some other day. And I replied. No! it's ok I think I am ready today let's do it. and there we went started by a regular traffic patern, then my instructor said Ok! I am getting off the helicopter it's all yours take me down and I will give You some final instruction then once down he said. " give me three consecutive hovers and wait for my signal to take off. but first He adviced me of the changes on weight and balance to which I will be facing once He gets off. He was right all alone after my last hover this thing wanted to fly by its self. good thing that I remember His last words, so in miliseconds I did some trimming to the cyclic and stabilised it and took off. I did 6 traffic patterns and he signed me it was time to " park it " to which I agreed. Once in the ground I noticed that my wife was filming me all this time and they both agreed that it was a perfect solo

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