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Question for CFIs


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Hey all you CFIs........ can you instruct in the bigger schools as a CFI if you do it three weeks at a time ....3 on 3 off !? I work in the maritime field and that is my schedule..........also what happend to helicopter adventures in Titusville ........Thanks -Garvey :unsure:


Ive never heared of any 3/3 schedule for CFI. Helicopter Adventures Inc. was bought out by Bristow Group, the worlds largest offshore oil support company and now largest flight training facility. Bristow Academy as its known today, is still in Titusville, the center of the universe.

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Ok guys .....I gotcha.........well I keep hearing how Bistrow has so many students.......I did not know if they gave you who was available or not,,read alot of stuff about it being a student mill now--did not know if it was true or not!?....... Let me I ask this then . with Bistrow being the big offshore company are they trying to get the guys jobs with them after getting out w your 1000 or 1500!!!???? is that the marketing plan!? I had gone to check them out last year..........pre buyout........just curious if things were the same ..........thanks Garvey :o

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