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My First Autorotation

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Well, I asked for an autorotation today. It was my third flight and I was just curious. I've heard it is a very uncomfortable sensation, like a little free fall for a bit.


I got what I asked for. We started at 1200 feet and my instructor gently lowered the collective into an auto. He let me run the cyclic for a few seconds to get a feel for maintaining RPM and experiment with decay. I thought it was super simple for it being my first time and all. We heard the horn once which startled my instructor a wee bit.... but no where near a falling feeling. It wasn't at all what I thought, very gentle and it didn't feel much different from a normal approach. I told him what I was expecting and he was glad to oblige. On our last approach he chopped the throttle and dumped the collective. WHOA! It's a lot different from the first one.


Overall it was a good lesson. I am getting hovering down better, but it was pretty gusty and I couldn't taxi too well in the crosswind. I feel like its starting to click a little bit. I "landed" to a hover once and held my spot for a good 10 seconds! The next two tries weren't as good but still acceptable I guess.

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Wait until you get to the full-down ones. That's where the fun begins. I remember not being able to handle the entry into the auto, where your stomach gets caught in your throat. I'm hoping it's not too bad fer ya.


Believe me, it get's better.



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You know, I remember the first time I rode along on the controls for an auto. I definitely got that stomach in the throat sensation and had some doubts about my CFI's sanity. I remember that taxiway coming up quite fast under my feet. But then it was my turn, and I was so focused on the task at hand I didn't even notice the initial "drop".


I personally prefer 180's. I think they're a little more demanding, mentally. And there is nothing better than hitting your spot after banking that thing over in a freefall.


Don't worry about making it look pretty on your third flight. You sound like you're doing pretty well.

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