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What Kind of Equipment Is This

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This is a cool picture, but i have no idea what it is!




If you haven't checked out the wallpapers that Vertical Mag puts out, you should. There are some awesome ones.


Most of you are familiar with Vertical Mag, but for those that aren't, they put up some pretty cool wallpapers you can download. There available at http://www.verticalmag.com/photos/

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I've seen a helicopter like this near the 29 Palms Marine Corps Base and talked to the pilot. It's been awhile, but I remember him relating that it was used to help find unexploded ordnance or something to that effect. I really enjoyed seeing it, because it looks like it shouldn't fly in that configuration. Anyway, of note, he related his groundspeed was ridiculously low when cruise flying from A to B.

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You are right PF it's a 206 Long Ranger with snow baffles over the intakes. Usually for sesmic work the equipment is on a long line in a huge suspended ring and towed unerneath. Commonly called towing a bird. The fixed set up does a similar function but allows the aircraft to fly lower and more precisely over the terrain. I don't know the exact height but I think the goal is to fly the grid patterns at 200' agl. Perhaps someone on the forum has some first hand experience and can elucidate.

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Totally agree with Timbersprayer.


Airlift Helos out of Reno has a similar sensor for the UXO & radiometric contracts that can be mounted on their 500D... I think they're also featured in the current issue of ROTOR.



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