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Alouette Helicopters Declared Illegal Immigrants By The Faa


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From another site regarding same thread

Hihover said

I am only aware of one aircraft that has survived the scrutiny and the owner received a letter saying that his aircraft was of no further interest to the inspection team. The funny thing is....this was an ex Brit Mil helicopter....sold into the civil market in UK.....CAA C of A........Export C of A......US C of A......easy!


The whole issue stinks....I can't figure out what the smell is, but it still stinks.

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How you doing? 500 is correct. Hardly any survived. The whole mess is still in the hands of the NTSB and the courts. Our old Alouettes are flying in Texas on a Border Patrol contract under Public Use. Go figure.

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Hi Bm sorry to hear you have not had the problem solved yet, I expect they are still trying to cover their A**s & hoping you will go away, to let them find someone else to harass.

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Our old Alouettes are flying in Texas on a Border Patrol contract under Public Use. Go figure.


Wow,that is unbelievable...it seems like the FAA does whatever they want to do(in the Alouette 2 "SE3130" case).


Bossman is a hard working and outstanding business man that used helicopters , inspected and certified by the Faa, to make a living by doing pipeline control.


All the sudden they realized: ooops, ah...mh..well, i guess WE screwed something up guys...but its not a biggie. We are the FAA so we go around the country and correct our mistakes by grounding them....Oh yeah, make sure we won't get blamed for our certification error in the past.


Bossman offered the FAA to get the people over from Europe to reinspect the aircraft (at his costs) to get the missing paper...FAA said no !


Bossman and his staff contacted the people in Europe that were willing to issue them the missing papers.....FAA contact the people in Europe and told them they are not allowed to send Marpat anything !


No Alouette 2 has ever fallen out of the sky because of any component failure. There has not even been a single engine failure since 1955.


That shows, this type of helicopter is not a safety issue in the sky.Besides, they are awesome machines to fly. I had the pleasure flying for Bossman in the Alouette 2 and I love and miss this machine.


This whole thing has ?????Question marks????? written all over the place. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this.



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