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Newest entry into Fatal Traps?


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assuming that this pilot has been at this helipad before and knows that there aren't any obstacles in the flightpath, I don't actually see much wrong with it. He's just trying to get down the hill without wasting too much flight time.

Sure, using that much forward pitch is showing off, but he still isn't doing anything immediately unsafe.

The machine seems to be empty, he wouldn't be using much torque at all, he is immediately thousands of feet agl with plenty of space to go, there shouldn't be any very high or very low G-forces involved...

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I don't have experience in the Astar helicopters yet, but it sure looks like fun. I have done some maneuvers like that in the R22, R44, S300C, S61, and SH-3H. I did do a quick stop once in the SH-3H when I ferried it to Bakersfield, CA in 2005. That was fun. Nothing like taking a 23,000lb, 73 ft long helicopter and making it stand on its' tail.

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