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R-22 in James Bond Movie


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Most of the James Bond movies feature helicopters and often it is a brand new model. Something interesting to helicopter enthusiast. When the James Bond movie with the R22 in it came out I had to chuckle at the turbine soundtrack as I owned quite a few of them at the time (still do) and they don't sound anything like in the movie and it was an old design by then. As we have at least a dozen R22's on floats it is interesting to note that one of the original Bond movies was filmed in Nassau and it was a Bell 47 that landed on the water and Bond donned some new at the time "scuba gear" and went diving! This was like in 1964. The location is a well known tourist attraction. Also, in the Jaws movies (I think "Jaws III") a Hughes 269 (300) which later became a S300 is on floats and the shark comes up a and bites the pontoon and sinking the helicopter. Then the shark eats the pilots. This was around 1975. I remember sitting around watching James Bond movies with pilots that new most every line that a pilot would say as they had that memorized. Sort of like that 25 year old movie "Top Gun." If you are ever in San Diego go to the Kansas City BBQ and there is some neat memorabilia from that movie filmed there in the summer of 1985. You may remember the classic line "take me to bed or loose me for ever" from a then unknown Meg Ryan. Kansas City BBQ is within walking distance of the Aircraft Carrier USS Midway which is berthed on the downtown waterfront.

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