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What is this chopper doing?


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I saw a chopper similar to the one in the video below. It was traveling directly towards my neighborhood. I was freaked out at first because it didn't have any right-of-way green/red lights. So all I saw was this flashing orange light. The only reason I knew it was a chopper is because it went directly overhead and I could see the silhouette and a red navigation light on the rear. I also heard nothing, it seemed to be silent. I assume the bright light is a huge landing light. These apparently can be pulsed, or left on continuously while the intensity is varied? A lot of people are mistaking them for UFOs.


So what are these choppers doing? Waiting for clearance to land?




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The size and shape matches that of the new Speedhawk, depending on where you live this may be the answer since they have much quitrer mains and not tail rotor, just a ducted fan.

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is this NYC?


I know nyc has had unmarked helicopters patrolling the airspace directly over manhattan since 9/11 at least up until a few years ago. I dont know whether they still do that or not, its been a while since i was there.


edit: http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D90RIHF00&show_article=1

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Um, I see all the required lights. Navigation, landing lights, beacons, strobes. Nothing unusual.


Also, depending on the wind and atmospheric conditions you wont hear some helicopters until they are very very close. Even UH-60s can seem quiet if everything is right.


PS that's not a Speedhawk.

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The video quality is so poor it's impossible to tell much, but I see nothing out of the ordinary. As for what they're doing, that's also impossible to say. They could be police helicopters circling a scene, or news helicopters, or any of several other things. They're so far away you wouldn't hear them, especially if they're downwind of you. Even upwind, you wouldn't hear much at that distance.


Pulsed landing lights are common, to help avoid midair collisions. They make it easier to see the aircraft at night, and are used on both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

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