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Resume critique


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Back again with another resume related post! I'm looking for some opinions on my resume i.e. layout, flow etc... I'll take opinions from anyone, but would really like some comments from people who have experience reviewing resumes or hiring. It is what it is, as far as hours and education go. I blurred some info out, don't like to put all my info out there if I can help it. Any questions just ask, thanks in advance!


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Get ahold of Lyn at info@justhelicopters.com


He gave the Heli Success Seminar at the HeliExpo down in Orlando this weekend and covered resume writing for the industry. From what he said at the seminar, he has alot of experience in dealing with these types of resumes. It would be worth your while to get in touch with him.

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One thing I've heard is round your time off... evidently those in a position to hire don't like to see "289.3", they'd rather see "289" especially since you did that with your PIC time.


Hm, just like any job, you'll want to be able to explain any period of unemployment, but that's nothing new.


It would be nice to see your objective, but as far as general formatting, that's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head.

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I'll do that, round the time off. The PIC time was 219.0, so that's why its a whole number. I tailor the objective to the job I'm applying for, "To obtain a Second In Command position with advancement potential" or "To obtain a Flight Instructor position" and include something specific about the job/company that I'm applying for.


Thanks for the suggestions so far, please keep em coming!!

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