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HD Video cam

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Looking to snag a good helmet cam that can double as a cam for use during training flights. Problem being that it needs to be easily removed due to constantly changing aircraft each flight. The cam would be primarily used for this but I also do some other things that involve a helmet and would like to find a way to make that work if possible also.


Any ideas/links? And I am not against a little bit of ingenuity to get it to stay put, obviously not the preferred method though.

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Here's a You Tube link to show you some more video's (Hit the "videos" tab and there should be 5 videos) that my son made. They have helmet mounts, roll bar mounts, water proof casings. Really great stuff for the cost. I recommend filming in 720p as opposed to 1080p-not as crisp a picture, but still great and less picture vibration.










Correct...GoPro HD. You'll love it.


I have some videos in the ems folder if you want to see some footage. Or you can go here:





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I was looking at the GoPro but im not sure how to mount that quickly in the robbies that I fly. Any ideas in that area?


Search the forums, there is a thread or two on the subject. A popular method seems to be hanging it on the headset mount in a R-22. Provides a great angle, and is simple and quick to remove/install.

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Yes, Hands down on the GoPro in regard to Camera.


As far as the mounting in a Robie goes, check out my thread on how I did it:




The above link still shows the version with the foam weather stripping as vibration reduction, today now I use a piece of Sorbothane 30 Durometer in the 3/4 in hole.

It works like a charm. You can check out my link about the vibration reduction and the samples I posted:






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I was looking at the GoPro but im not sure how to mount that quickly in the robbies that I fly. Any ideas in that area?


suction mount it to the window above the left seat... i use mine all the time... also, notice a little addition of ICS sound i have on there :P




let me know if youre interested in a cable to hook up the ics... im pretty good with electronics and i custom make them! (it plugs in line with your headset)

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