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Need Information to finish 1:6 Scale Helicopters...


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Currently I'm working on four 1:6 to 1:7 Scale Radio Controlled Helicopters and need more detailed information to finish them. These are not the toys you see at the mall, they are large, full collective pitch (lead/lag, flapping, working lighting, etc.) machines.


Three of the four models are older and being phased out, making it more difficult in my research. The Bell 412, Bell 230 and BK117 are at various stages of completion and the EC135 fiberglass shell has just arrived. Ironically the EC135 is not an issue (obviously many are in operation) as my "backyard" in Knoxville, TN has a great program with the UT LifeStar EC135 program. I have been give permission to use their Livery and will meet with them in January to take very detailed photos of panel & rivet lines, vents, grills, etc.


I am eyeing the LA Air Ops Bell 412 Livery in California, however I do not need to visit the actual helicopter for detailed photos. The Bell 230 and BK117 are the most difficult helicopters to find and photo. I believe there's an operator in Tyler, TX (I work from Houston, Pilot with Continental/United) that uses a BK117 as a backup heli at the moment... Flight for Life in the Trinity Mother of Frances Hospital & Clinics network?


Either way, ANY information or detailed photos of these amazing helicopters is much appreciated. These are long term projects, so traveling to visit the actual livery or a sample helicopter is possible. Still up in the air on the exact Bell 230/BK117 paint scheme at the moment.


I've included a few photos as examples...







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Thanks guys... They are a work in progress and half the fun of building them is well, building them. I'm slowly finding custom parts from around the world (just ordered scale latches and side vents for the BK117 from Germany and the UK). I'm starting a UT LifeStar EC135 project that's going to be even more detailed, but then again the EC is a much easier aircraft to find and take photos of.


I'd LOVE any images of the helicopters I can get. Of course anything a little more "zoomed in" than what airliners.net has would be great... Access panels (top of heli and bottom), vents, attachment points for the rear tail skid, etc. etc.



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Not sure but I thought I would dig around on some sites I use... This is what I came up with:



Several downloadable interior pics here:




If your still pondering a livery I have to suggest ADAC (German) I always associate them with the 117


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Here is what I could find on the Bell








One of my personal favorites for a livery:


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Many thanks guys! It's a long and drawn out process on this end. I was able to get an accurate set of detailed images of the Bell 230 from a really nice guy in South TX who used to consult for Bell at their eastern TN facility (think it's closed down now). Smaller resolution images, but still helpful. The BK117 is of course being phased out for newer EC135/145, etc., but I still love the look of the BK! I was able to get my hands on a detailed photo DVD of a BK in Japan. Hopefully by this spring I'll get the birds flying (money for the motors, ESCs, receivers, etc.) and settle on paint schemes for them. I'll post an update when that happens.



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