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Anyone go civilian to WOFT?

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I was a regular ol civilian in 2010 when I shipped to basic. I had about 500 ish hours, CFI, Commercial Multi Instrument license (fixed wing).


The flight time helped a bunch, IMHO. A girl I know had over 1000 hours dual given. She finished #1 in her class and is now flying Apaches.

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I think the flight time helped me get selected, and it definitely helped me with flying, especially in instruments.


From start to finish plan on at least 4 months to start and finish a packet before it goes to the board. I was accepted at 29, turned 30 in WOCS, and turned 31 a couple months ago.

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FY11 WOFT selections were right at 70%


So get on with it!


As for the wife, well, that is both of your decisions. You will be separated for about 17 weeks straight. Then after about 5 month you will go to SERE for 21 days. Then together for over a year, after that....deployments.

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