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Rise of the Cup


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Awesome video. Personally I wouldn't want video of some1 standing on my skid on the net. I have youtubephobia though. Well done video. Very cool.


Thanks guys! I actually sent the video directly to a compliance officer I know at Transport Canada with an explanation of how the shots were done. The camera guys are Stunts Canada members and movie stunt coordinators. They rigged a harness under his clothes with a anchor back into the Heli through his sleeve, and another tether to the cup down his other sleeve. Also, the Heli was never higher than 8 ft agl. Same with the camera man.


I haven't heard anything back in over a week... so, hopefully I didn't shoot myself in the foot. The flight was about 50 long with the cup and about the same with the camera man.


It was every bit as safe, or safer (given the low height above fresh deep snow) as this skid ride

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