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WOFT as a Civvie

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I have a couple questions.

I'm between a sophomore and Jr in college and I am currently a non contracted ROTC cadet. But after talking to many officers i have decided that i would not want be a general commissioned officer. This is due to the administrative side of it growing as you get promoted higher, and the chances of getting active duty after ldac being so low now ( something like 20% only get selected AD). So i have been looking at army aviation as a career in the army (as a WO)


1st Question about my LORS

Retired E8 MSG my primary instructor at ROTC

Retired LTC of Signal corp/armor( my highschool teacher)

AD Military Intel Officer (also the XO of my ROTC btn)

and two NG Cw3's who fly for the CBP in my area


Do these sources of LOR seem adequate?


2nd Question

When i take asvab and afast if i fail (probably won't) and im doing WOFT for civvies does that keep me enlisted or does the army just drop me? more of a question for my mother.


All in all though, I am 20 year old cadet(currently), with a decent head on my shoulders, and im in great physical shape (vison included), no prior criminal activity/charges or even drug use. What are my chances of making to the selection board ?

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You take the ASVAB and AFAST as a part of your application packet. You wont sign any papers until after you are selected so there is no way for you to be commited just by taking those two tests.


Your chances of making it to the selection board are very good, and if you're motivated, almost 100%. It's whether or not you make it past the board that is a hard question to answer.

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LOR's are like ammo, the more the better and the higher caliber the more effective. Go for highest rank, most aviation experience, a senator or representative. It's fascinating what you can get if you only ask.




Bingo. Bigger is better, Aviation is great. Branch isnt as important as caliber.


If you complete a packet you will get to a board. Getting selected is another matter.

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