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Assuming they're right, work on the rest of your packet. Do any LORs you can do now, wait for those that you'll have to do later (showing test scores and such). Revise your resume and essay. Work on bettering your APFT score, whatever it may be. And don't lose motivation during the wait.

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I was curious about this as well. I thought I read somewhere that someone got a waiver which allowed him to do it after 3 months. It seemed like he wasn't able to get it until physically at MEPS, so I'm not sure. Can anyone clarify how you would go about getting this waiver and if it's even physically possible? Thanks!

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I believe I also had to wait 6 months after LASIK...but I *believe* it was NorCalHeliKid who obtained a waiver that allowed him to get it after 3 months. Either way, 6 months isn't really very long...

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