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Hello evreryone,


I am new to this forum, I have been reding some of the threads and they're pretty interesting and filled with great information.


I just started putting my package together and would like to get opinions on what I have so far and any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated.


I am a prior service Marine, I served 4 years as a C-130 mechanic. After leaving the Marine Corps I earned a B.S in aerospace engineering from Embry Riddle, afterwards, I have worked designing aircraft systems for Gulfstream, Boeing, and L-3.


I am hoping my prior service experience and engineering experience would give me the edge when it comes to getting selected, however I am not counting on it.


So far I have taken the ASVAB and I got 128 GT and 93 AFQT.

I still need to take the AFAST and APFT. I know I can get a 300 APFT.


My LORs are authored by an Army artillery LtCol, who is also an avionics instructor, a CW2 Army Aviator, a Retired Air Force Col (F-16 Pilot), and 2 aviation experts who have about 50 years of comobined experience, not pilots though. All of these people have been my co-workers, so they know me pretty well and have written pretty good LORs.


I have what I think are a couple of setbacks, One, I am 32 years old, which is still within the limits but I don't know if they will count that against me and also my college GPA is 2.5, however, the reason I got such low gpa is because I have to wok full time in order to pay for the rest of my tuition and therefore I couldn't do the homework necessary to get good grades.


Thanks in advice.

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Your age is the big wall you are going to hit soon. Your experience is great, your LORs sound good. Dont worry about your GPA, college is not a requirement.


Dont wait another second, and finish your packet ASAP.

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Thanks for the advice so far.


I've been told that the LORs are what gives you the edge. I would like to get a high ranking Army aviator to write a letter for me, however I don't personally know any high ranking aviators.


I know of people receiving great LORs from aviators because they interviewed with them, but I don't know how to go about contacting an Army aviator who would be interested in helping me.


Any advice on this?



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Go to a local base, if possible, and ask. There are quite a few Warrants on here and if you approach it right maybe they can put you in touch with someone. Is how I got mine (but from a different site). Or ask the CW2 you already know if he can put you in touch with someone higher up.

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