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I guy sent me an email from Australia by way of my Arkansas pilot that he wants to fly an R44 in Arkasas and an R22 in Detroit and he hasn't flown is six years. He works for automaker and I guess he's here for a couple of weeks in these lovely hamlets. I told him that our Detroit helicopter is now in Miami area and our Arkansas helicopter has been in the Lake of the Ozarks but is heading to Augusta and then Sarasota. There was a time when I would make a bunch of calls and find him some helis but now a simple internet search probably is his next step. He asked me about prices and since he is fixed in his schedule and location he will have to pay what the market will bear. What is the current dual rate for an r22 or r44 in most places?

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Magnum Heli Guy: what is your rate as that is the question asked? FYI: I've used you as a backup for the 2010 and 2011 Mackinac race and chartered you (but this summer based a R22 Mariner in DETroit city). What are the street prices for R22 and R44? APIAGUY: I don't know the rates and that's why I asked. To refresh, a guy called me about rates in Arkansas and Detroit and I wanted to see what dual in an R22 and an R44 would be. This does't have to be a negative forum unless the posters push it that way.

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